Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Pleasures of Being Not Entirely Well

Kidlet came down with a minor flu bug Saturday and by Sunday afternoon, I became afflicted as well. When Kidlet had it on Saturday, we spent most of the day lounging about: Kidlet watched cartoons, I read for school. Once I finished my reading, I started knitting like mad. This cupcake and acorn are the results.

I purchased the patterns on etsy (Amy Gaines). The patterns are well-written and are fast and fun to knit. Highly recommended.

When I felt the ick continuing on Monday morning, I emailed work to tell them that I would only be coming in for a while and then I'd go home. They said "stay home!" I said "ok...if you say so" (but on the inside I was saying "Hurrah!") I felt achy and tired with no appetite, but that was about the extent of it. I took advantage of the time to wrap all the Christmas presents I had in the house, organize a bunch of papers, and watch a couple of shows (I have to immerse myself in the media for my gender and society class). I started watching 30 Rock. Sigh, I love Tina Fey. For being under the weather, it was a good day. I even took a nap. Amazing.

And now it's back to work and school, but it's satisfying to know that I'm organized and actually got some rest. I'll need the rest for the feast-making that is in my near future. More on that later. Have a good day, all.


Jeannette said...

Why should being sick not be a little bit of fun too? I think some fun helps to make you feel better sooner. ;)
And love, love the acorn!
♥ Jeannette

Madre Adoptiva said...

I'm suddenly wishing to be sick. I think that would be bad in the end though. Love the acorn and cupcake. SO cute!

Kasia said...

Hope you and your kids feel much better by now! This little knitted acorn is fantastic!

Sending lots of warm thoughts,

likeschocolate said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

Stickers and Stuff said...

eeek, these are so cute and so well made.