Thursday, August 31, 2006

Studying. For. Test. Hard.

In less than 24 hours, I will be a happy chickita. I will watch a movie, knit and drink wine-- guilt-free, tomorrow night. I take my midterm tomorrow morning. Yes, midterm. I'm officially only half finished with the bane of my existence. Not true, I actually worked ahead while doing test-avoidance. I will be 2/3 done as of tomorrow. I will do a happy dance and you can yawn and take a nap since this post is sleep-inducing.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CSA August 29

Kidlet is still sleeping. Me? Ha! Never!!!! She even calls our bedroom "Daddy's room" because she doesn't know that I sleep. Anyway...while she sleeps, I post with big mug of tea nearby.

A bundle of basil (never get tired of that), a few tomatoes, a big bunch of assorted varieties of beets, itty bitty fuzzy peaches, zukes and cuke, raspberries (yum), two cantaloupes, green beans, a few carrots and an onion. I've got a couple of little baggies of pesto in the freezer right now. I'll have to try and eke out another batch with this, ahem, maddeningly useless blender. I've still got a ton o' tomatoes from Mama and these CSA tomatoes are a pale comparison to what Mama makes. But raspberries! Yay! And peaches! I had some of the beans last night--some were very very tough. We'll see how many get used. I'll have to look up a nice beet salad because they look so lovely and jewel-like. I long for the days when Ruby was 1 and loved beets. Now she loves milk. That is all. Choco Milk. Milk. Maybe a little cereal in it. BUT THAT'S ALL. Or maybe she just doesn't like my cooking. We go out to eat and she'll eat a giant pancake (ok, she eats my pancakes or else I couldn't call myself pancakemama), bacon, eggs, toast...time for breakfast.

Monday, August 28, 2006


No, that isn't an acronym for a personal ad, that's 'stay at home mama' for those not in the know. I got to play SAHM the past week for a couple of days, and boy, I've missed my calling. I love to make little lunches and do projects (like clean the garage) with the little kidlet. Going out and about running our errands. Taking a day to go to the lake and bask in the sun with my Mama and the little 'un. And I get to do it again this week for 3 days. This time we are going to finish painting the bathroom. A little project that I started on Memorial Day that still won't be finished by Labor Day, as I have to strip the vanity since my impatience during the drying process between coats led to bubbliness of paint. Oh well. The purple wasn't floating my boat anyway. Still getting nowhere as far as craftiness is concerned. Well, I take that back. I cleaned out my craft closet. Although you can't really call it a craft closet entirely as it houses the dogs' food too. It's just a couple of shelves piled high (but now neatly stacked) of yarns, fabric, and bits and bobs. I happily threw some junk away that I've been lugging around since New Orleans--cheap plastic beads made to look like semi-precious stone, Fimo dough beads that have since sealed the drawers shut of a little organizer, said organizer with stuck drawers, old tea towels with prints that were REALLY stained. The junk I keep in the hopes of doing something cool 'someday'...oy vey. As if I didn't already have a ton of 40's and 50's tablecloths that are only lightly spotted that I can use. "Hey, I'll use this extremely dingy and faded tea towel with a vinegar bottle on it! Awesome!" Now if I were a SAHM, maybe I'd have the time to make a funny patch out of the dingy tea towel. Hmmm.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CSA August 22

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A nice week. Raspberries, a ton of basil , a wee bit of lemon basil, watermelon, two cantelopes, chard, zukes, cukes cippolini onions, and endive. I think I need to make a ton more of the pesto to freeze. I also think I'm going to make torta--a baked eggy/rice/chard/cheese bar with the eggs I bought from the veggie folks and the chard.

Looking forward to two days off with Ruby! Yippee! Well, it isn't 100% exciting because we are cleaning the garage today. Bleh. But I think the kidlet will have fun rummaging around in the Burning Man boxes that have odd and flashy clothing and my mini Fisher Price toy collection that she doesn't know about.

Yes, it's arrived and I won't be attending. Burning Man, how I miss ya. If I get a scanner in the next few days, I'll do some nostalgic scanning.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Just swingin' (and sorta sewing)

Daddy and Ruby at the Park
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The Hubs and Ruby at the park. Weekend was pretty good.

Mama and I checked out my little sewing machine. My camera's batteries were dead so I couldn't get pictures of our little sew session. It was a little rough. I started to get real antsy and nervous about sewing. I decided I will be working on some curtains for Ruby's room from fabric purchased BEFORE SHE WAS BORN. Yeah, procrastination sometimes is in my nature. Of course there wasn't enough fabric so we needed to hit the store again to get more. We found something that will work for the rod pocket and the bottom. So next week, we'll finally be sewing some long, straightish seams to get me in the sewing groove. Then I think we'll be working on the quilt instead of the little wee bunny since there's a lot of curves on the bunny pattern and anything more than straight (with room for error) frightens me greatly.

Man, knitting is so much easier. Two sticks and some string. Easy! Ok, if you had asked me four years ago, I would have said something different. After dipping my toes in the realm of socks, I feel confident enought to conquer anything. Ok, anything but fair isle and intarsia. Gotta leave something to conquer in the future.

Well, it's Hubby's first day at school for his master's program. Think lots of good thoughts for him since he's concerned his school is going to go under. I say it won't because no one throws that much money into a project (the school) and abandons it. So there. I sure am going to miss seeing him all the time though. Dang ol' school.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Flickr Faves

I'm taking a cue from port2port and doing some Friday Flickr Faves.

morran is enjoying herself
African Paradise by Mary Blair Love Mary Blair, ever since that It's a Small World LP I used to listen to over and over and over because I thought I had to listen to the music to look at the booklet that had pictures of the ride that Mary Blair designed at Disneyland
meriwether I'd love to see one of these in Ruby's room
birthday breakfast I need to start this tradition.

Dang, hanging out on Flickr is addictive.

Have a scrumpdillyumptious weekend, all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CSA August 15

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Heart o' gold cantelope, raspberries and strawberries! One big onion, ton o' beets, basil, zukes, cukes, a tomato (although we've been gorging on my mama's for weeks), and carrots.

They had farm fresh goat cheese to buy and I did. It went well on a tomato salad with basil and onion (with pesto).

In other foodie-ness, I've been leaving little tidbits about eating organically on our work bulletin board. This month was a bit out of Gourmet magazine about which fruits and veggies are most important to buy organically. Very useful. Maybe I'll pin up one of my little silly art cards too. I'll have to pick one that doesn't have a little character that looks too much like me. Maybe a 'hey cupcake' card?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And another thing...

Fabrics for quilt
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I couldn't resist these two fabrics. I love the 50's/Mexico/Fiestawareness of the colors. And a quilt idea was born...

I'm on the hunt for some solids to match the orange, seafoam, pale blue, and cream to make a quilt for the living room. It can't be too bad of an idea since hubby thought it looked pretty cool. Man, I'll be on the pro sew team once this flurry of sewing projects is done.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wee Bunny Bits

Wee Bunny Bits
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I've finally gotten off my duff and did some fun craft planning (and procurring) with my Mama this weekend. We went to the quilt store and I got this set of fabrics to make a Wee Wonderfuls Bunny. I was actually going to make the kitty for me and then pick out some more kidlet styled fabric for Ruby to make her a second critter (when I have little more experience) but as soon as she saw the fabrics and pattern, she said "MINE. BUNNY." And that settled that.

My Mama and I decided we need to spend more time doing worthwhile stuff and less time running around, doing a billion errands on our weekend time. So this week my mission is to cut out the pattern and then we're going to figure out my sewing machine together and voila...hopefully I'll be able to make a cute animal with no sewing ability. Thankfully Mama has much sew-ability.

The turquoisey fabric is a herringbone that will be the bunny's body and head. The cream flannel is for the face and the cactus fabric is the dress. I am going to order some red wool flannel for the shoes and trim on the dress.

I'm really excited about finally doing less talking and dreaming about crafty stuff and more DOING. I knit where I can and happily that's a portable craft but there's a ton more stuff I want to do but haven't carved out the time. My time is so fragmented that I'll have a spare ten minutes and I think, can I cut out a freezer paper stencil, stencil and set it? Or do I clean the kitchen floor for the 3rd time today? Why does the kitchen floor usually win? These questions and more for me to ponder...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Knit Love

Ummm, I think I need this. Really. If I had this yarn I would be able to knit really fast and make lovely gifts for everyone. Ok, maybe not. But I still really want it.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Going to the doc today so I'm bringing my knitting along. It's kind of a weird set up. You can make an appointment (about a month down the road) or you can walk in and wait. I've never been here so we'll see how it goes. If I have to wait long enough, maybe I'll finish my sock! Then I could reward myself with that yarn. Mmmhmmm.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CSA August 8

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A nice little haul. A lovely watermelon that I hope to dig in to tonight. A couple of peppers, assorted carrots in assorted colors (Ruby was holding the red one when I took this picture), squash, wax beans, mixed greens, chard, corn, cukes, and THE BIG BAG OF BASIL! Yay! I need to get on pesto making duty soon.

Haven't been feeling well lately. All achy joints. My head has gone into full blown hypochondriac mode (accompanied by some fabulous anxiety attacks). So far I have diagnosed myself with fibromyalgia, arthritis, insanity, menengitius, cancer, blood poisoning and various other unyet named mysterious viruses that will kill me in the next week. It's really stinkin' to be in this crazy mindset. I've always had the touch of the hypochondriac but have been able to keep it together until the past few months. Methinks I have a bunch of unresolved issues re: my Dad passing away so suddenly (and my aunt, for that matter). But it sure doesn't make day-to-day living easy right now.

Breath. Breath deep.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Viva Guerilla!

Oh yeah! I forgot about this. I officially started my little project in the world. I have some 3.75" x 3.75" cardstock squares. I have been doing little silly sketches and I have started leaving them. This weekend while I was doing my groceries, I left one that had a cupcake drawing that said 'hey, cupcake...' on, yes, a box of cupcakes. Then in my favorite section of the store, "Frozen Novelties", I left a little drawing of a befuddled snowman and it said 'eat more frozen novelties'. For those who never noticed (or if you go to a store that, horror!, does not have this), the Frozen Novelties section is the ice cream sandwiches (long live It's-It!), ice cream bars, etc.. It never fails to make me smile...frozen novelties.

The little cards aren't much, but I hope they make some one smile. I hope to be getting a scanner that works with little appletop so I will be able to scan the cards. Or else I need to get a secret spy phone with a camera so I can take photos of the cards in their environment without anyone noticing.

Roller Coaster Weekend

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If only that meant I went to Disneyland and rode roller coasters...sigh.

Anxiety issues ran high this weekend (and back into last week). Tons of errands and obligations needed to be dealt with. There's the class that will never end. Work has been busy and taxing. This lead to me being a mass of psychosomatic pains, numbness, tension and crying.

But then there were good things too: breakfast out with Hubby and Ruby (ok, there was a little tension there when the kitchen got backed up and Ruby needed to eat 'NOW'), petting zoo with Ruby and Hubs, hanging with Mama, turning the heel on the sock, digging (strike that, make that 'using a shovel as a pick to dig') a hole in the yard with Ruby to start planting a new garden area. All happy things that keep me in the moment and heal my jangled and bruised heart and head.

Here's to hoping for a week that's smooth sailing. And here's to trying to get out of my crazy little head and enjoy the happy bits.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CSA August 1st

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Lookin' good! We've got a gigantic heirloom onion (Alisa Craig is her name). A ton of sweet-sweet-sweet corn, zukes and cukes, carrots, a bundle of beets and a few mixed greens. The only sad thing is that the giga-bag of basil promised was missing from our bags. We enjoyed some of the corn last night and it was even sweeter than last week's batch.

The 'family csa' has commenced Mama has been giving me tomatoes and my father-in-law has given us a ton of his garlic. I was really hoping to marry these two items with some of that basil (ok, I really need to it let go...) but the tomatoes and garlic will be lovely together on toasty french bread (ha ha! take that basil!!!). I think that may have to be part of tonight's meal, along with that corn, that is.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

we both got that 'duh' sort of look

I think this is the first time Ruby actually looks like me. She's the spittin' image of her Daddy.

Boy, I'm getting old. The fine lines are turning into not-so-fine lines.

This video clip has to be one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. My favorite bit is where she interracts with the kids.

The Sultan's Elephant by Royale de Luxe