Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CSA August 8

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A nice little haul. A lovely watermelon that I hope to dig in to tonight. A couple of peppers, assorted carrots in assorted colors (Ruby was holding the red one when I took this picture), squash, wax beans, mixed greens, chard, corn, cukes, and THE BIG BAG OF BASIL! Yay! I need to get on pesto making duty soon.

Haven't been feeling well lately. All achy joints. My head has gone into full blown hypochondriac mode (accompanied by some fabulous anxiety attacks). So far I have diagnosed myself with fibromyalgia, arthritis, insanity, menengitius, cancer, blood poisoning and various other unyet named mysterious viruses that will kill me in the next week. It's really stinkin' to be in this crazy mindset. I've always had the touch of the hypochondriac but have been able to keep it together until the past few months. Methinks I have a bunch of unresolved issues re: my Dad passing away so suddenly (and my aunt, for that matter). But it sure doesn't make day-to-day living easy right now.

Breath. Breath deep.

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