Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CSA August 29

Kidlet is still sleeping. Me? Ha! Never!!!! She even calls our bedroom "Daddy's room" because she doesn't know that I sleep. Anyway...while she sleeps, I post with big mug of tea nearby.

A bundle of basil (never get tired of that), a few tomatoes, a big bunch of assorted varieties of beets, itty bitty fuzzy peaches, zukes and cuke, raspberries (yum), two cantaloupes, green beans, a few carrots and an onion. I've got a couple of little baggies of pesto in the freezer right now. I'll have to try and eke out another batch with this, ahem, maddeningly useless blender. I've still got a ton o' tomatoes from Mama and these CSA tomatoes are a pale comparison to what Mama makes. But raspberries! Yay! And peaches! I had some of the beans last night--some were very very tough. We'll see how many get used. I'll have to look up a nice beet salad because they look so lovely and jewel-like. I long for the days when Ruby was 1 and loved beets. Now she loves milk. That is all. Choco Milk. Milk. Maybe a little cereal in it. BUT THAT'S ALL. Or maybe she just doesn't like my cooking. We go out to eat and she'll eat a giant pancake (ok, she eats my pancakes or else I couldn't call myself pancakemama), bacon, eggs, toast...time for breakfast.

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The Whole Self said...

i have a serious case of CSA envy! lucky!