Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CSA August 22

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A nice week. Raspberries, a ton of basil , a wee bit of lemon basil, watermelon, two cantelopes, chard, zukes, cukes cippolini onions, and endive. I think I need to make a ton more of the pesto to freeze. I also think I'm going to make torta--a baked eggy/rice/chard/cheese bar with the eggs I bought from the veggie folks and the chard.

Looking forward to two days off with Ruby! Yippee! Well, it isn't 100% exciting because we are cleaning the garage today. Bleh. But I think the kidlet will have fun rummaging around in the Burning Man boxes that have odd and flashy clothing and my mini Fisher Price toy collection that she doesn't know about.

Yes, it's arrived and I won't be attending. Burning Man, how I miss ya. If I get a scanner in the next few days, I'll do some nostalgic scanning.

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