Monday, August 21, 2006

Just swingin' (and sorta sewing)

Daddy and Ruby at the Park
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The Hubs and Ruby at the park. Weekend was pretty good.

Mama and I checked out my little sewing machine. My camera's batteries were dead so I couldn't get pictures of our little sew session. It was a little rough. I started to get real antsy and nervous about sewing. I decided I will be working on some curtains for Ruby's room from fabric purchased BEFORE SHE WAS BORN. Yeah, procrastination sometimes is in my nature. Of course there wasn't enough fabric so we needed to hit the store again to get more. We found something that will work for the rod pocket and the bottom. So next week, we'll finally be sewing some long, straightish seams to get me in the sewing groove. Then I think we'll be working on the quilt instead of the little wee bunny since there's a lot of curves on the bunny pattern and anything more than straight (with room for error) frightens me greatly.

Man, knitting is so much easier. Two sticks and some string. Easy! Ok, if you had asked me four years ago, I would have said something different. After dipping my toes in the realm of socks, I feel confident enought to conquer anything. Ok, anything but fair isle and intarsia. Gotta leave something to conquer in the future.

Well, it's Hubby's first day at school for his master's program. Think lots of good thoughts for him since he's concerned his school is going to go under. I say it won't because no one throws that much money into a project (the school) and abandons it. So there. I sure am going to miss seeing him all the time though. Dang ol' school.

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justin said...

What's with those shoes? Yesterday, never seen 'em before. Then, suddenly...everybody and their dog has them. I mean it! Cute little rubber gatorthing shoes for puppiews. OK. I'm lying. But still...what's up with those shoes?!

Also bunnies