Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday and a List of Stuff

--Got a good amount of work done for school this weekend; I'm almost ready to finally get some work done on my final project. Yikes! This class keeps me so busy that I'm finding it difficult to get ahead.

--Going to the advisor this morning to get the status update of how much longer I need to drag myself to school. Hope he can get into my student records, because I surely can't.

--Registration for fall classes are on Tuesday. With the budget cuts, the selection is paltry. Really awful.

--We have hot and cold running days around here. Saturday was perfect, Sunday was cold.

--I finished a sleeve on my February Lady and then learned that purling in the round gives you reverse stockinette, not garter. I ripped back and amended the situation as best I could as I had already broken off the yarn and garter takes more yarn than reverse stockinette. I'm calling my abbreviated garter section "a design element." I have many "design elements" in my sweater. However, I did weave in all the ends so I just need to bust out a sleeve, put on some buttons, block and go. I'm hoping, hoping that I'll get to wear it before summer.

--Dropped my camera on Friday and thought it was "game over." That's what I get for discussing a possible dream career as a photographer. Happily, hubby manhandled the camera back into working order. Thanks, boo!

--How much laundry can one family of three have? I feel like I've been running the washer non-stop for the past 36 hours.

Friday, March 27, 2009

After sending another coworker to my favorite farmer's website, I noticed they had linked to my flickr set for last year's CSA. After emailing back and forth, I offered up my services to take photos of the entire season for use on their website, newsletters, etc.. As I was standing at the front desk at work, picking up my egg delivery and talking to my farmer about the photo thing, the receptionist said "Are you a photographer?" I demurred, "No, but I like to take pictures." She told me of a dilemma her band is having with a cover photo for their upcoming CD. She asked if they needed help, would I lend them a hand? I said, "Sure, but I'm no pro."

So, there you have it. I'd better calibrate my monitor; my photos have been looking dark lately. Isn't it about time I bought one of these or these or ...? Ha ha. It still won't make me a brilliant photographer but at least it's all in fun.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Anna...

She's a bit of an egg-head...

But she does have personality...

She received much love the first two days Kidlet received her, including songs about how much she was loved despite her lack of rosy cheeks, but Anna has now been relegated to watching over her bed. It's probably just as well as Anna's hair has a few issues which could lead to baldness down the line.

I had fun making this doll. The pattern is Poppy by Ysolda Teague. I preferred knitting her up on 3 needles as opposed to the suggested two for the body and limbs. I also added length to the arms as Anna's proportions seemed to be a little off. For the dress, I did increases in 3 areas every 3 rows in order to make it a little more a-line. The hair gave me fits and I had to do some serious last minute doctoring to make Anna's receding hairline less of an issue (although it is still an issue). However, as this was the first doll I've ever made and the first time I've dealt with hair, it gave me many ideas of how to conquer that beast next time (and I even made detailed notes showing myself how to do it). All in all, I'm satisfied. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love...

I love the roller coaster ride known as Spring. Blustery one day, green the next.

I really love green. And grey too. I love the idea that I might soon be able to wear a dress with the sun shining down upon me.

I love being done with the crazy planning and execution of Birthday Week 2009. I love looking forward to the weekend with no plans except for pizza making, spending time in the growing warmth, and a ton of school writing (ok, that part I don't love so much). I love it when a plan comes together...huh?

Anyway, things have been quiet, but busy (always busy). Just trying to settle back into the rhythm of school as last week was spring break, not that that means much for me as I'm still working, etc.. I've been mentally blogging but haven't actually put fingers to keyboard. I still have the finished doll to present (and as I predicted, it just hangs out on Kidlet's bed), some photo news, attempts in attitude shifting...I'm hoping I'll manage to get these all out into the world soon. Back soon, friends.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19

Today, five years ago, I fell deeply in love. Today is my small person's birthday.

I hope you have many, many happy days ahead, little one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Right Now

Primary Source Analysis...Ladies' Home Journal, 1955, looking at advertising and what it can tell us about women's roles in American society. That's what I'm working on right now for the next 1.5 hours before work. How about you?

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is the post where you can tell I'm tired and grumpy

Whew. Busy weekend but not much to show for it but a full belly. I wanted to take a photo of the soup I was making this morning, split pea with leeks and dill. It was such a beautiful range of greens but I know from experience that trying to take a photo of a pot of steaming ingredients proves rather difficult.

This is the start of Birthday Week 2009, aka The Big Five. This means this mama will be a busy bee: finishing up the doll that I have knit for the small birthday person, lining up decorations and goodie bags, making lists upon lists.

The doll. Oh, the doll. I used this pattern and I'm wishing I had made one before I started making this one for a special occasion. I spent 2+ hours on her hair Friday night, redoing it three times. It still is as wonky as it could possibly be but it is what it is. It makes me feel a bit of a failure, like I'm less of a good mama for not taking it apart and doing it over but there just isn't enough time. I made an elaborate set of notes for myself for the point in time where I either make a new doll or abscond with this one once Kidlet has tossed it aside (probably 10 minutes after she opens it, as this is the fate of all knitted toys I give to her). The doll body itself came out pretty well although it's strange to me that the pattern asks you to knit in the round divided over two dpn's as opposed to three, making for some unusual stitch tension issues. I finally used my better judgment and put the doll on three needles. All that's left is knitting the body of the dress and embroidering the face. I'm trying to tell myself it's charming. I'll post a photo once she sees the light of day.

I am trying to keep the smell of the air as I left the house this morning (cool and slightly damp) and the amazing clouds in my mind. It feels like an early spring day. Hope you have a nice pot of something warm and comforting on the stove and are finding signs of spring...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The first daffodil.

Some more to help you keep a sunny disposition...Bobby Hebb.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Flower arranging work.

Perhaps a late, late entry for a 'green week' post?

Sitting on top of the hill in the yard, mentally sketching out the areas I want to concentrate on in the yard this year.

Freshly made french bread for dinner (and lunch today).

This morning, there's a bitter north wind that's blowing snow horizontally. It's definitely not what I expected after yesterday's pre-spring conditions. I don't think the weather folks expected it either. Sigh. Off to the work of the day...fixing computers, trying to figure out how to connect a scale for weighing packages, data entry...y'know, the usual stuff.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Guerrilla Green

A little found crochet on campus. Ahhh, to be young and have time to do cool things.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nothing green to see here...

I aimed my camera at things I thought I wanted to photograph today. It was so blindingly bright after last night's snow, I couldn't really see.

Struggling to finish this week's reading journal that happens to be due in 11 hours. Listening to Carstairs Radio in one ear and laundry tossing about in the dryer in the other. So tired. Dare I say that this week's reading journal might be a wee bit weak? Yes. My critical thinking tool has already shuffled off to bed. I'd better follow suit and attempt to finish it after a refreshing 6.75 hour nap.

Delayed Start

Today has given us a two-hour delay for schools, which includes Kidlet's little school (since it's attached to a big school). It's rather amusing that this is supposed to keep us all off the roads a little bit until the ice has a chance to melt but I will need to drive twice as much. Home to work to school (with Kidlet in tow) and back to work again. I'm ok with it though; work is more fun with a small person along for the ride.

Thanks for the well wishes for the week. I had a bit of a meltdown on Monday. I learned if one little piece of my carefully constructed balance of work-home-school moves even just the slightest bit, I fall apart. But things are on the mend and are looking up. I just printed up my critical review for my class tomorrow. I'm cozy and warm in my house with a cup of coffee, and I'm talking to all of you lovely people.

I'm in love with green week, by the way. Green is one of the newest colors in my 'favorite colors pantheon'. It sits right next to grey and purple (and blue and yellow and pink and...).

We're having huevos rancheros and salad for dinner tonight. What are you having?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday was Rough. Really Rough.

But there was good curry for dinner.

And it rained all day. Both good things in my book. Here I go, fingers crossed...hoping for better things today.

More green week here and here...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Hi there...

I'm wearing my green (scratchy and too big) cowl. It's green week, sponsored by Emily. I'm afraid you will be subjected to one more week of photos but I'm going to be writing too.

How was your month? February was not the easiest month (is it ever?). I jumped through some hoops at school (with some success), did some knitting, ate good food, spent time with friends and family. I did some serious yard work for the first time in several years (5 years, to be exact) as Kidlet is now able to keep herself busy without me as a constant playmate.

The month of silence was good for me. I found myself writing posts in my head but I'm glad I was forced to keep my mouth shut. I often feel I do too much complaining on the blog so I'm trying to think of new ways to keep things a little more friendly and fresh. Speaking of friendly and fresh, visit the others who are playing along for green week...

Things making me happy today: the rain and the maple donut I just ate.