Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday and a List of Stuff

--Got a good amount of work done for school this weekend; I'm almost ready to finally get some work done on my final project. Yikes! This class keeps me so busy that I'm finding it difficult to get ahead.

--Going to the advisor this morning to get the status update of how much longer I need to drag myself to school. Hope he can get into my student records, because I surely can't.

--Registration for fall classes are on Tuesday. With the budget cuts, the selection is paltry. Really awful.

--We have hot and cold running days around here. Saturday was perfect, Sunday was cold.

--I finished a sleeve on my February Lady and then learned that purling in the round gives you reverse stockinette, not garter. I ripped back and amended the situation as best I could as I had already broken off the yarn and garter takes more yarn than reverse stockinette. I'm calling my abbreviated garter section "a design element." I have many "design elements" in my sweater. However, I did weave in all the ends so I just need to bust out a sleeve, put on some buttons, block and go. I'm hoping, hoping that I'll get to wear it before summer.

--Dropped my camera on Friday and thought it was "game over." That's what I get for discussing a possible dream career as a photographer. Happily, hubby manhandled the camera back into working order. Thanks, boo!

--How much laundry can one family of three have? I feel like I've been running the washer non-stop for the past 36 hours.

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jane said...

Hey Ani- Don´t kill the dream!