Monday, August 28, 2006


No, that isn't an acronym for a personal ad, that's 'stay at home mama' for those not in the know. I got to play SAHM the past week for a couple of days, and boy, I've missed my calling. I love to make little lunches and do projects (like clean the garage) with the little kidlet. Going out and about running our errands. Taking a day to go to the lake and bask in the sun with my Mama and the little 'un. And I get to do it again this week for 3 days. This time we are going to finish painting the bathroom. A little project that I started on Memorial Day that still won't be finished by Labor Day, as I have to strip the vanity since my impatience during the drying process between coats led to bubbliness of paint. Oh well. The purple wasn't floating my boat anyway. Still getting nowhere as far as craftiness is concerned. Well, I take that back. I cleaned out my craft closet. Although you can't really call it a craft closet entirely as it houses the dogs' food too. It's just a couple of shelves piled high (but now neatly stacked) of yarns, fabric, and bits and bobs. I happily threw some junk away that I've been lugging around since New Orleans--cheap plastic beads made to look like semi-precious stone, Fimo dough beads that have since sealed the drawers shut of a little organizer, said organizer with stuck drawers, old tea towels with prints that were REALLY stained. The junk I keep in the hopes of doing something cool 'someday'...oy vey. As if I didn't already have a ton of 40's and 50's tablecloths that are only lightly spotted that I can use. "Hey, I'll use this extremely dingy and faded tea towel with a vinegar bottle on it! Awesome!" Now if I were a SAHM, maybe I'd have the time to make a funny patch out of the dingy tea towel. Hmmm.

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