Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CSA August 15

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Heart o' gold cantelope, raspberries and strawberries! One big onion, ton o' beets, basil, zukes, cukes, a tomato (although we've been gorging on my mama's for weeks), and carrots.

They had farm fresh goat cheese to buy and I did. It went well on a tomato salad with basil and onion (with pesto).

In other foodie-ness, I've been leaving little tidbits about eating organically on our work bulletin board. This month was a bit out of Gourmet magazine about which fruits and veggies are most important to buy organically. Very useful. Maybe I'll pin up one of my little silly art cards too. I'll have to pick one that doesn't have a little character that looks too much like me. Maybe a 'hey cupcake' card?

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The Whole Self said...

i love checking in on your CSA updates. of course now my mouth is watering, and it's almost 9pm and time to hit the sack. maybe some chocolate before...

definitely pin up some art, girl.