Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CSA August 1st

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Lookin' good! We've got a gigantic heirloom onion (Alisa Craig is her name). A ton of sweet-sweet-sweet corn, zukes and cukes, carrots, a bundle of beets and a few mixed greens. The only sad thing is that the giga-bag of basil promised was missing from our bags. We enjoyed some of the corn last night and it was even sweeter than last week's batch.

The 'family csa' has commenced Mama has been giving me tomatoes and my father-in-law has given us a ton of his garlic. I was really hoping to marry these two items with some of that basil (ok, I really need to it let go...) but the tomatoes and garlic will be lovely together on toasty french bread (ha ha! take that basil!!!). I think that may have to be part of tonight's meal, along with that corn, that is.

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