Monday, August 07, 2006

Roller Coaster Weekend

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If only that meant I went to Disneyland and rode roller coasters...sigh.

Anxiety issues ran high this weekend (and back into last week). Tons of errands and obligations needed to be dealt with. There's the class that will never end. Work has been busy and taxing. This lead to me being a mass of psychosomatic pains, numbness, tension and crying.

But then there were good things too: breakfast out with Hubby and Ruby (ok, there was a little tension there when the kitchen got backed up and Ruby needed to eat 'NOW'), petting zoo with Ruby and Hubs, hanging with Mama, turning the heel on the sock, digging (strike that, make that 'using a shovel as a pick to dig') a hole in the yard with Ruby to start planting a new garden area. All happy things that keep me in the moment and heal my jangled and bruised heart and head.

Here's to hoping for a week that's smooth sailing. And here's to trying to get out of my crazy little head and enjoy the happy bits.

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