Monday, August 07, 2006

Viva Guerilla!

Oh yeah! I forgot about this. I officially started my little project in the world. I have some 3.75" x 3.75" cardstock squares. I have been doing little silly sketches and I have started leaving them. This weekend while I was doing my groceries, I left one that had a cupcake drawing that said 'hey, cupcake...' on, yes, a box of cupcakes. Then in my favorite section of the store, "Frozen Novelties", I left a little drawing of a befuddled snowman and it said 'eat more frozen novelties'. For those who never noticed (or if you go to a store that, horror!, does not have this), the Frozen Novelties section is the ice cream sandwiches (long live It's-It!), ice cream bars, etc.. It never fails to make me smile...frozen novelties.

The little cards aren't much, but I hope they make some one smile. I hope to be getting a scanner that works with little appletop so I will be able to scan the cards. Or else I need to get a secret spy phone with a camera so I can take photos of the cards in their environment without anyone noticing.


The Whole Self said...

your drawings rock- if i lived closer i'd be searching with eyes wide open for your little treasures! what lucky peeps to find one, esp. while shopping for ice cream sandwiches (i just ate one).

justin said...

Have you ever read "Found" magazine?