Monday, August 14, 2006

Wee Bunny Bits

Wee Bunny Bits
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I've finally gotten off my duff and did some fun craft planning (and procurring) with my Mama this weekend. We went to the quilt store and I got this set of fabrics to make a Wee Wonderfuls Bunny. I was actually going to make the kitty for me and then pick out some more kidlet styled fabric for Ruby to make her a second critter (when I have little more experience) but as soon as she saw the fabrics and pattern, she said "MINE. BUNNY." And that settled that.

My Mama and I decided we need to spend more time doing worthwhile stuff and less time running around, doing a billion errands on our weekend time. So this week my mission is to cut out the pattern and then we're going to figure out my sewing machine together and voila...hopefully I'll be able to make a cute animal with no sewing ability. Thankfully Mama has much sew-ability.

The turquoisey fabric is a herringbone that will be the bunny's body and head. The cream flannel is for the face and the cactus fabric is the dress. I am going to order some red wool flannel for the shoes and trim on the dress.

I'm really excited about finally doing less talking and dreaming about crafty stuff and more DOING. I knit where I can and happily that's a portable craft but there's a ton more stuff I want to do but haven't carved out the time. My time is so fragmented that I'll have a spare ten minutes and I think, can I cut out a freezer paper stencil, stencil and set it? Or do I clean the kitchen floor for the 3rd time today? Why does the kitchen floor usually win? These questions and more for me to ponder...

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The Whole Self said...

oooh, stencil or floor? stencil or floor?


ha! easier said than done.