Wednesday, December 23, 2009

41 for 41

For this year, I thought I'd follow in the esteemed Hula's footsteps and make a birthday list, a list of things to do in my 41st year. Believe me, it's a good thing I started this list a while ago. It's hard thinking of 41 things! However, it appeals greatly to my inner list-maker.

1. Enter something in the state fair competitions
2. Feel the ocean’s mist on my face.
3. Have at least one evening alone with the Hubs
4. Camp! Preferably at least half a dozen times.
5. Make a pair of Latvian mittens (my heritage!)
6. Figure out how to fit exercise into my life
7. Find a film camera with which I can get along
8. Write a poem
9. Take care of at least one outstanding house project
10. Plant as many seeds in the yard as I can
11. Do a month long project (self portrait a day, drawing a day, knitting a swatch a day…)
12. Make and send at least one postcard
13. Visit my Grandmother regularly
14. Get a massage
15. Make ice cream (without an ice cream maker)
16. Play a video game. It's been so long... :)
17. Knit at least two sweaters (does it count that I have one cast on already?)
18. Always try the library first when there is a book I want to read
19. Figure out my plan for the rest of my school career
20. Ride a Ferris Wheel
21. Skate (ice, roller, or both)
22. Finally become a public radio station member
23. Find the perfect cake recipe
24. Learn to take care of myself.
25. Make butter with Kidlet
26. (Re)learn how to do yo-yo tricks
27. Braid my hair
28. Eat an oyster pan roast
29. Drink a gin and tonic
30. Watch New Orleans win the Superbowl (heh heh)
31. Pull out my clarinet and toot a few notes
32. Go back to visit the ichthyosaur
33. Have ice cream for dinner
34. See the Nutcracker
35. Embroider Moomins on something (a bag? a shirt? a pillowcase?)
36. Go to the drive-in
37. Dance more.
38. Make cheese
39. Do a little guerilla knitting project
40. See the Gees Bend exhibit when it comes
41. Build the biggest fort I have ever made with Kidlet

Whew! If you made it this far, you deserve a prize; 41 is a lot. Happy holly-days, friends.


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

Happy Birthday Ani!
that is a fantastic list, so really great goals.

come to my yoga class on Monday nights to check #6 off your list! we start a new 6week series on Jan 4. 5:30-7 at YL. :)

Madre Adoptiva said...

What a great list! So inspiring. :) Happy birthday!

Dominique said...

Un très joyeux anniversaire ma chère! (For another year's list, how about learning/improving your French ;-)

Have a lovely year with your list...

Cathy said...

Happy, happy day to you--41!! You're so young. 41 projects seems doable and most of them are fun too. Better get started.


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Nice list ;) I wish you a year full of things you like and... also... surprises... kind of little pretty things you forgot on your list !