Friday, October 17, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (I Hope)

Yesterday: 97% on my exam (beam, beam). Lots of knitting done in between duties (before class, waiting for laptops to boot at work, after school).

Today: The last CSA basket with dried beans, homemade bread, potatoes, squash, greens and indian corn. Drinking chai tea. Toast and Rock 'n Roll Friday.

Tomorrow (I hope): Pumpkin patch on bikes with bike trailers attached. One for small children, one for pumpkin bounty.

What have you been up to?


Dominique said...

Yesterday: getting some sleep, working and translating a resumé (will never do that again for someone else, too risqué)

Today: met my accountant, feeling depressed (because I met my accountant), working and buying a new dishwasher (forget about what the accountant said)!

Tomorrow: sewing and having fun :-)

Madre Adoptiva said...

Yesterday: enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors with kids who bounced to their hearts' content on new hippity-hop balls. And a trip to the library where the librarian took down two humungous stuffed animals for my kids to climb all over while I worried about lice infestation.


Tomorrow: Dance and then sewing while my mom and niece watch the girls. Can't wait!

Enjoy the pumpkin patch!

Rebecca said...

what perfect days you've described. i bought fabric at 3 different fabric stores today... hooray! that was the best. but it wore me out.

raining sheep said...

very excited about your good mark. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday: hungover and took a nap with the cats. I rarely take naps, so this is big news.

Today: work at work and then more work at home, since i didn't get anything done this weekend.

Tomorrow: glass blowing class to make blown glass ornaments!