Friday, October 31, 2008


I will be the rag-tag pirate, Kidlet will be a flower fairy or Glenda of the Wizard of Oz (depending what day you ask...all the same costume, however), Hubby is abstaining. Hoping you receive more treats than tricks today...


After the crazy push through all the stress, I'm left wondering, 'what do I do now?' I have a bunch of school stuff coming up, but not much I can do at the moment. Holiday plans are starting to settle in my mind. Guess that means I have to...relax? No, no, no...must scrub the house from top to bottom and then bottom to top. Has anyone else read Little Miss Busy? This is my biography.

I really am going to relax this weekend! Hubby and I have a fancy date at which I will wear my finished Airy Scarf. I will cast on the February Lady again (for what? the third time? fourth?). I will continue work on the cowl I cast on yesterday (in super fancy yarn). I will bake bread. I will ignore the yard work. I will walk in the park and collect leaves. I can't wait. I hope you have a similarly happy time awaiting you.


Anonymous said...

Happy halloween!

Sounds like you have a good weekend ahead!

raining sheep said...

It all sounds lovely...I am getting ready for kitchen poetry week (see my blog) and perfect timing because babe and I went to Ikea today to get pieces to make my icky 1979 kitchen work a little harder...needless to say we will be making a second trip because Ikea being Ikea did not have the second storage piece we will arrive supposedly some time this week..I am rolling my eyes.