Monday, April 27, 2009

Bits and Bobs

This morning while Kidlet and I were driving to drop her off at her school, we were listening to NPR as they were discussing the swine flu. I mentioned to Kidlet that it might a be good time to renew our commitment to wash our hands thoroughly at various times in the day. I also explained a little about flu symptoms. Then she pipes up "Wine flu? Wine flu? What is that?" "Well, sweetie, that's when someone drinks too much wine and they feel a little sick and queasy the next day."

Finished knitting the sweater. Blocked the sweater. Figured out button placement. Had a few minutes this morning so I started to sew on the first button. Thread breaks. Button breaks. That's the breaks.

Every possible free moment is taken up by my investigation of advertisements from 1935, 1945 and 1955. The primary lesson to be learned is that you had better use lots of hand cream to battle dishpan hands so you can catch (or keep) a husband with those soft hands. I think I may be in trouble, if that is the case. I could put on a quart of lotion a day and never have smooth, soft hands. I only have a week left to finish this paper and it feels like it is very much in the limbo stage, still searching for a voice.

Making a list of items to be done around the house, inside and out, after I'm done with this class. The list is daunting. Anyone feel like doing a little late pruning on 20 rose bushes? How about installing a new toilet or finishing the flooring that we started 7 years ago? I also am lining up a slew of books for summer reading. Some are rereads, some are new: One Hundred Years of Solitude, a couple of John Updike's Rabbit books, Maeve Brennan, finish The Audacity of Hope, New Moon (gotta have some 'lite' summer reading too, although when I read the first book of the series, I couldn't help but think I could write a better angsty teen vampire novel), the newest Moomin comic collection. I'm also planning my next knitting move. I've got legwarmers for Kidlet, more Toasty, Ishbel, Fantine and finishing hubby's socks upon my mental queue. I think I'm going to need more than just a summer to do it all, but I can dream.


jane said...

Hand cream huh? I´m a sucker for all adverts... I have almost the same photo for my post tomorrow. I´m so tired of gray and needed a little more pink. Wine flu- love it!

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

Does anyone in NV have soft moistureized hands? I was just thinking I needed a full body parifin wrap I am so dried out these days. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, you have got A Plan. I have no Plan.

Katie said...

Wine flu. That's great! Lol

My hands are rougher than my husband's. So there you have it.

raining sheep said...

Ha ha ha! I so laughed out loud at this one! Wine flu! LOVE it. When my kids were little we used to go to Reptile World to look at snakes, frogs and such. My little guy then 3, said "Mom, are we going to rectile world today". I will never forget it!!

Melissa said...

Ah, wine flu. Brilliant!