Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 New Things I Dig:

1. Book Scout. For the budding MLS candidate (me), reading this blog is de rigueur.

2. Listening to the Spilled Milk podcast. They have the skills to make you laugh as well as make you hungry.

3. My newly acquired habit of alternating my nightly reading. I now have a children's/young adult book on the nightstand along with a more adult title (and I don't mean adult in the 'hotcha cha cha' way). I finished The Penderwicks last night and found it charming.

4. Listening to the Coffee Break French podcast (I access the free version via itunes). I figure I should brush up my skills in the language that I took for the longest period of time. I took French for three years, Italian for two, German for a semester and Spanish for a quarter. I wish I had taken more Spanish! Italian is my favorite, despite it being the least useful.

5. Opala Vinho Verde. I tried it for the first time this weekend and was so pleasantly surprised. Gentle fizz, fresh, light (and cheap!). I found my bottle at Whole Paycheck...ahem, I mean Whole Foods.


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I am loving Spilled Milk. It is my go to Friday afternoon listen at work. Those two are hysterical.
And I am currently re-reading Secret Garden and just finished up book that my mom used to teach in her high school english classes called, Maniac Magee.

Dana said...

Love the "Whole Paycheck" slip. . . I was recently listening to the same French podcast and found the English accents distracting, though I did like the podcast.

THanks for the tip on the library blog --


Dana said...

or, I suppose, Irish accents or was it Scottish?