Friday, July 23, 2010

A 41 Update

I figured since it's my 41.58 birthday, I'd try a little update since I've been pretty scarce from el bloggy.

1. Enter something in the state fair competitions IN PROGRESS …and I’d better get a move on! It’s coming together pretty well; I’ve got some parts where I’m not entirely satisfied but it still has quite a bit of charm.

2. Feel the ocean’s mist on my face WOO! Last weekend…

3. Have at least one evening alone with the Hubs Well, if you count going out to a couple of dinners, then this is done.

4. Camp! Preferably at least half a dozen times. How about half a time? Heh. We left in the middle of the night on a party weekend at the desert lake. In about a week, we’ll be spending a few nights out at Great Basin National Park. Can’t wait!

5. Make a pair of Latvian mittens (my heritage!) At least I found the book but I have too many projects going right now. Maybe after I finish Kidlet’s socks.

6. Figure out how to fit exercise into my life IN PROGRESS I was walking regularly until it got HOT. I guess I’m still figuring.

7. Find a film camera with which I can get along DONE! Polaroid 210, I love you. Now, I just want a new digi cam…

8. Write a poem

9. Take care of at least one outstanding house project IN PROGRESS (always in progress). We replaced the bathroom mirror (with a mirror that only I can use: too tall for Kidlet, too short for Hubs). I painted the entry and hope to finish the touching up this weekend. Then I have to get all the pictures and artwork ready to finish it off (and get a new front door).

10. Plant as many seeds in the yard as I can Many of the seeds were nibbled to nothing but I managed to get some basil, peas, and toms to grow. The flowers, not so much.

11. Do a month long project (self portrait a day, drawing a day, knitting a swatch a day…) Ummm…I tried a ‘list a day’ in June, but that got dull. How about ‘study every day’ starting in about a month. Sigh.

12. Make and send at least one postcard

13. Visit my Grandmother regularly

14. Get a massage IN PROGRESS We have a woman who gives chair massages about once a month (of which I have been taking advantage) but I think once school is up and running, I’ll make an appointment for the full deal.

15. Make ice cream (without an ice cream maker) I’m considering getting an ice cream maker. I’ve got so many fantastic recipes that I’ve been hording for years.

16. Play a video game. It's been so long... :)

17. Knit at least two sweaters (does it count that I have one cast on already?) I’ve stopped and restarted the cast on sweater but I’ve totally lost interest in it. I think it needs a larger needle for a more fluid fabric so it may need to be frogged AGAIN. Oh well. It’s a learning process, right? I also have second sweater cast on but it’s not getting much attention until my state fair project is done.

18. Always try the library first when there is a book I want to read In progress, but I find much of the time the library doesn’t have what I want.

19. Figure out my plan for the rest of my school career IN PROGRESS Sigh. I just don’t know if being a librarian is going to happen. I’ve been reading quite a few trade blogs/newsletters and outlook: grim.

20. Ride a Ferris Wheel DONE (and I’d do it again)

21. Skate (ice, roller, or both) ICE

22. Finally become a public radio station member

23. Find the perfect cake recipe IN PROGRESS. I’ve got a beaut of a frosting, but I’m still looking for the cake.

24. Learn to take care of myself. PERPETUALLY IN PROGRESS but yes!

25. Make butter with Kidlet DONE

26. (Re)learn how to do yo-yo tricks

27. Braid my hair Will my hair ever grow?

28. Eat an oyster pan roast

29. Drink a gin and tonic (when school is out) DONE! And I may have to have one again tonight.

30. Watch New Orleans win the Superbowl (heh heh) DONE!

31. Pull out my clarinet and toot a few notes

32. Go back to visit the ichthyosaur

33. Have ice cream for dinner Big failure. Kidlet and I always forget that she only marginally likes ice cream.

34. See the Nutcracker

35. Embroider Moomins on something (a bag? a shirt? a pillowcase?)

36. Go to the drive-in

37. Dance more.

38. Make cheese Maybe when the weather is cooler?

39. Do a little guerilla knitting project I have the idea, but haven’t done it yet. It’ll be good quick knitting for when I’m back in school.

40. See the Gees Bend exhibit when it comes DONE

41. Build the biggest fort I have ever made with Kidlet In planning stages. I’ll build it when her friend who has been away for 9 months comes back to town next month.

Have a loverly weekend and stay cool…

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Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I will keep you posted for the spring post card swap I am hosting...
wasn't the GeesBend exhibit amazing?
we have big camping plans too. I hear Santa Cruz calling...

happy happy my friend!