Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Monday "ing"

Considering...ripping out the majority of my front yard (i.e. the junipers, aka 'the fire hazard') and making an edible front yard.

Feeling...totally sapped and irritable from the heat.

Daydreaming...of the weekend (already)! San Francisco, here we come! dad (who would have been 69 this coming weekend). I'll be sure to raise a glass of wine to him in SF.

Wishing...I had a more knitting time. My state fair project is actually coming together (after many false starts).

Eating...leftover cucumber-arugula-lemon-jalapeno-avocado soup with berries on the side for lunch. And almonds. Always almonds.

Coveting...this album and a bunch of Moomin/Tove Jannson related books on

What are you "ing?"


Dominique said...

Today? NothING ;-)

Dana said...

packING for a trip to the States :)

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

rip out the juniper!!!! That stuff just smells like cat piss anyway, right?
do you have "Food not Lawns?" I need that book.

pho-ing (yum)
mentaly packing for my art class next week-ing

Annabel said...

I'm "commenting"