Monday, January 17, 2011

A Well-Timed Bout of the Flu

I was down and out with a crazy virus most of last week. As crummy as it was to be shaken to the core with non-stop coughing, it seems almost a blessing now. School starts this week and I am carrying a duffle bag of stress over its start. Being so focused on health (or lack thereof), carried me through last week. I was able to stare off into space for a while, watch a few old movies, and knit like mad. In the middle of my misery, I took a day to revamp Kidlet’s room (with my Mama…thanks, Mama!). Now that project is 95% finished and I can cross it off one of my many mental lists. I think I needed a forced vacation, one that confined me to the house with just enough energy to tackle one project.

Onward. Thesis, here I come.


Katie said...

Go go go!
Good luck.

jane said...

hi ani! hope you are feeling better. and your first week back wasn´t too painful.
big hugs!