Monday, April 07, 2008

A Dilly of a Day

Despite starting out with a humdinger of a night the night before we left (Chest pains, anyone? 3 hours of sleep due to the lovely anxiety attack? Sheesh...), we had a fantastic day out of town yesterday. The weather was amazing, right around 70 degrees. Flowers of all hues and forms were in great abundance. It felt so good to be out, running around like a kid at Fairytale Town and being full of wonder at the Zoo (Ahh, the zoo. Such mixed feelings about zoos).

Some of the best...Hubby and I sharing thoughts and plans on the drive down. Running the Crooked Mile with our friends (who joined us for the Fairytale Town portion of the day). Watching the vulture spread his wings, Kidlet and I whisper back and forth about how amazing and beautiful he is. Eating veggie burgers and sharing milkshakes.

Hope your days were just as lovely. Back later this week with more knitting and some thoughts on creativity that I didn't get to relate last week (sorry I'm taking so long, Dominique!).


Anonymous said...

That does sound lovely. I love the thought of you and kidlet whispering to each other, sharing that moment. Makes me smile.

Ani said...

it was so special. she was feeling quite snuggly and sweet.