Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pleased to Meet'cha!

I have had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies through the blog, Ms. Noodle and now Crafty Bean. It's been great fun to put words out in the land of bits and bytes and have it turn out that I can meet flesh and blood people.

All Sunday morning, Kidlet's mantra was, "is it time to go meet our new friends yet?" After much stalling until our appointed hour, we finally got to meet up with perennial friend W and new friend, Annabel (Bean's daughter). The small girls had a good time romping about the park, as did the women who met and munched snacks in the sunshine. We have tentative plans for more meet-ups and camping. I can't wait! (Please tell me we really are going camping!)

And the photo has nothing to do with our meet-up except I thought it was pretty. :)

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Bean said...

We should really pick a camping weekend and commit ourselves to it! I'm game for anything in June, July, August & September :)