Friday, May 08, 2009

Five on Friday

...word prompts courtesy of Kidlet.

Feel(ing) the aftereffects of last night's migraine. Oof. I've had two this year after not having them since I was a kid. The migraine aura is the worst part of it for me. Kicks the anxiety into high gear, it does.

Seem(s) like it's going to be a beautiful weekend full of warm weather, gardening, champagne (it is Mother's Day, after all), family, and love.

Need to give hubby a hug.

Sweep? Probably need to do that, but I'm going to let it ride for this week. Y'know, I'm not going to push it (the broom, that is). Heh heh.

Seek quiet and balance. This is my new goal.

Have a lovely weekend, mothers, pet mothers, women who have decided not to be mothers, and all you boys too (umm, all two or three of you that read this).


jane said...

Thank you.You also have a great day!:)

MODsquad said...

Beautiful! Happy Day to you!!


Jeannette said...

Hope you´re feeling better and that the migraine has gone.
xoxo, Jeannette

T said...

Try bryonia homeopathic rememdy at onset of migraine. I get them too, with the aura at first. Take a couple of pellets and go into a quiet dark room, or cover your eyes and be still. Headache never comes and aura goes away after 20 - 40 mins.