Saturday, June 27, 2009

broken head, broken plans

While Greg was doing test rides, preparing for his ride across the state, I was making lists and gradually stacking things in piles. Kidlet, Kiko Dog and I were going to drive out to pick him up and camp in Great Basin National Park. Greg left on his ride a week ago Friday. We were to meet today. I am at home and my blessed Mom-in-Law is driving out to meet him, with the fancy French wine with which we were going to celebrate his achievement. Yeah. I got a concussion on Tuesday due to my incredible klutziness (I slammed my head on a steel support while I was standing up under said steel support). I've been feeling sick, not myself, and headache-y ever since.

Today, as I drove the wine and other treats across town to my Mom-in-Law, I thought "What are you doing? You should be going." As I drove back across town to drop her dog off at her mother's house, I could feel my concentration waning, a tightening between my eyes forming. Ok, we made the right decision not to go but I'm still disappointed as hell.

I'm proud of you, Boo. I wish we were there to share the wine and hear about your adventure. Linda, thanks for volunteering to help me out of a tough situation. Mama, thanks for all your support. And Debbie and Patrick, y'all are just too sweet. At least I've got good people, even if I don't have all my faculties about me.


raining sheep said...

Good grief woman! You are lucky to be in one healthy piece. Take care of that noggin' - it is necessary to get you through school. Lots of hugs!

Madre Adoptiva said...

Oh no, Ani! I know how much you were looking forward to this little get-away. I'm so sorry you couldn't go!! I hope your head feels better super quick. :(

jane said...

omg! feel better real soon! there will be more bike rides:)

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

oh no Ani!
I hope you are starting to feel more like yourself. that is scary.

if you need anything we are right down the hill :)


Anonymous said...

aw, sweetie. that sucks. I'm sorry. Of course it's better to stay home, but it still is a bummer. I hope you feel better!

trinsch said...

i am so so sorry to read this! i have been lazy (actually swamped in work and just life with children) to read blogs the past few weeks, so i didn't know.

i so hope you're feeling better. will read up on your newer posts, just saw your post today and realized you had a concussion, you poor thing. had to scroll down first thing and see what had happened.

hope you're better and can enjoy the weekend ~ trinsch