Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fantine &c.

Here she be! Fantine. I sewed a button on it (a big, black, sparkly button) but it just didn't seem quite big enough for all that chunky yarn. I'm going to hunt for some olde timey sweater clips. I love this pattern, so easy and quick. I'd like to make a longer sleeve, longer body version sometime soon.

&c. ...

I am wondering if our dog has cancer or is just merely old, finicky and rickety.

I have a group project due on Tuesday that we have not even started.

I am wearing argyle knee socks with my skirt today.

I'm slightly stuck on my knitting.

The air is cool and fresh.


Anonymous said...

cute! is the pattern on ravelry?

I'm wearing striped knee socks today.

I hope your dog doesn't have cancer. Our cat had it and it was hard.

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

stripe socks must be in the air today- got mine pulled up proudly :)

oh I do hpe your pups is okay- pat, pat, scritch, scritch. (that was a little doggy love)

sweet sweater- headed to ravelry to see the deets hopefully?

Madre Adoptiva said...

Beautiful sweater! I've been eying that pattern for some time. First I must finish my Lady.

Gosh, I hope Kiks doesn't have C. :(

Bean said...

Our cat is 13 and I'm constantly convinced he has cancer. He started snoring, so it's probably lung cancer. He favors his back left paw sometimes, so it must be bone cancer! We are both crazy, and they are just old. :)

raining sheep said...

Really cute pattern. Love the color, it is perfect fall!

likeschocolate said...

Good job! The sweater looks very nice.

Ian said...

The unbearable lightness of being.