Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What's Hot & What's Not

I'm playing along with Loobylu today...


--Starting a fire in the pellet stove the past two nights. It wasn't really necessary, but it was pleasant nevertheless

--Rereading Betsy-Tacy for the first time since I was a child. These were among my first favorite books as a small one. I always longed for Tacy's ringlets. And I still love the little Lois Lenski illustrations.

--Curried pumpkin soup!

--Planning the annual trip to the pumpkin patch

--Wearing stripes almost daily


--The garage. I need to purge it desperately but there's just no time. Soon the clutter will start creeping its way up the stairs and into the living room ala the Blob.

--Group project at school that requires us to meet outside of class. Don't they know I work full time and have a family as well as doctors, vets, and errands to deal with?

--Photography. Can't take a photo to save my life as of late.

--Sleep. Last night was better but the full moon has tossed and turned me and given me the strangest dreams (ten gallon bowl of clams anyone?).


likeschocolate said...

The soup sounds like heaven!

greg said...

I want Steamers!

Madre Adoptiva said...

This post is HOT! I'm liking it. Gonna do my own. :) Mmm... that pumpkin soup does sound good! Care to share the recipe?

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

we had to put the heater on- it was COLD the past couple of nights!!!
hang in there with school, though I do agree, I am not sure I could keep up with outside class time business.

Claire said...

Curried Pumpkin soup! Ahhh! Yum. We are heading in to Summer now, so I will have to make some kind of "chilled" version! :)

Anonymous said...

ten gallon bowl of clams?