Monday, October 05, 2009

Blue (knitting) Monday

Ishbel. How I love knitting you. Only about 10 more rows to go but considering it takes anywhere from 20 minutes (for the purl row) to 40 minutes (for the pattern row), it'll be a while. (The photo is terrible. I couldn't get a nice steady photo yesterday. Too much coffee, too little sleep).

Hoot! Fifteen minutes of knitting fun, one hour of making french knots that fall apart. The smallest buttons I had for eyes looked nutty, so I had to improvise with a skill that I lack.

The long awaited(?) February Lady. I finished this in June, I think. Now that the weather is finally acting like autumn (well, winter yesterday), I've worn it 4 times and I love it. The fit is slightly wonky due to my 'creative tailoring' but I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this. And no, I'm not pregnant although that tunic top sure is making me look like it is so. Perhaps I'm getting ready for hibernation?


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!

that owl is the cutest. And your february lady! I need to start one of these.

jane said...

the sweater is great! love the color!