Monday, December 20, 2010

Knitting a Dog

I've been knitting like mad since school finished for the semester. I'd be so productive if I didn't have school. I guess that's my carrot at the end-of-the-school stick: more knitting. Right now, the bizarre creature pictured above is in the finishing stages. I had insomnia last night so I used my time to sew up all the paws and weave in any ends that I won't be using for seaming.

The pattern is the Pembroke Corgi from the book Best in Show. Knowing my Kidlet's predilection for this short, foxy pup, I wanted to try and make it before the holidays as a stocking stuffer. I love knitting stuff like this, where you are constantly wondering how it's all going to fit together. The face looks like it may be a bit narrow, but hopefully a good stuffing will fill it out.

I found the book on Amazon. It hasn't been released in the US yet, but it is slated to come out domestically in February. If you want to try your hand at one of the dogs from the book, here's a pattern for the Jack Russell terrier.


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I think you should do an art instal of projects in just this state.
something about it.

but I cna't wait to see the finished project either :)

raining sheep said...

Hey, nice to see you are back. Just wanted to say merry Christmas and hope you have a great holiday break.