Friday, December 17, 2010

"Composition is a discipline; it forces us to think. If you want to 'get in touch with your feelings,' fine — talk to yourself; we all do. But, if you want to communicate with another thinking human being, get in touch with your thoughts. Put them in order; give them a purpose; use them to persuade, to instruct, to discover, to seduce. The secret way to do this is to write it down and then cut out the confusing parts." --William Safire, by way of the Writer's Almanac for December 17, 2010

I've been thinking a lot about writing, not only here but for my scholarly endeavors. What is it I want to communicate? I guess it's time to carry on and find out. I think my four month blog break is over.


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

does this have anything to do with our emails?

I will be happy to see you out here again.

Dominique said...

Welcome back!