Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just an ounce of stress...ok, more than an ounce

So, I'm seeing mentions of folks receiving postcards from the summer swap in their mailbox. The thing that's starting to freak me out is that I'm starting to think mine got lost in the mail. I sent them out from work in a batch on the first day of summer and usually that's a very safe option but I haven't seen any mention of anyone receiving my cards. Oh dear. If I could hear a shout out from someone that they received a card, I'd feel oh-so-much better. Thank you.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.


Dominique said...

Hi Ani,

Don't worry your postcards are surely going fine. One has even arrived in Qu├ębec (Canada) today!

Ani said...

Whew! Thank you for relieving my worried mind! I feel much better.


Nessie Noodle said...

I am feeling the same way... no sign, no word... Oh please tell me they got to where they were going!

Ani said...

Maybe people are waiting until they think they have them all before posting about them. Maybe they aren't like us and can hold back the excitement of sharing!

emily said...

i got mine! i got mine! so sorry i haven't posted it yet. maybe today if the sun comes out.

thanks for the cheer.

Mijk said...

You have indeed reached the Netyherlands too wioth a gorgeous summery intact card. I was late and haven't seen mine arriving too so when I realised m,y own anxiety I decided to blog about the ones I got today!