Thursday, June 07, 2007

Didja miss me? Don't answer that.

This was the highlight of my time off. We did Fairytale Town, the Sacramento Zoo and Pancake Circus in fine style. I took a billion photos of a blurry little kid running from one groovy '60s-styled attraction to another. Big smiles all around. A lovely day was had by all and the obligatory meltdown didn't occur until we were back home. Kidlet's sugar crash made her a bit of a cranky little pill for the rest of the evening but it was all well worth it.

I wish I could say with my time off I took care of every household thing that I'd been putting off for months, that I finished my class, knitted four pairs of socks or wrote and illustrated a children's book. No. I spent a lot of time running around thinking, "hmmm, maybe thrifting would be good?" Thrift for an hour and then say to myself "hmmm, now I remember why I like to only go thrifting on a quarterly basis." Then I'd try to get some errands run and I'd end up like a puppy chasing her tail. Useless. I wish I could have taken off a full week. I think that would have helped. Or else maybe I should have just planned my time better. Or maybe taken a real vacation where I left for several days and all the mundane stuff would just be there when I got back, just like it always is. A lesson learned, yet again.

Oh yes, the dance class was cute enough to give you a mouthful of cavities, it was so sugary sweet. Little tots running, jumping and twirling about. What's not to love? Well, perhaps the price tag. By the time I paid for the registration, the class, the leotard, tights, tap shoes and ballet shoes...150 bux. Yikes. And I complain about how I can't do yoga because of its $12/class fee. Well, that and the fact that if I'm not at work, I generally have a three-year old at my side. Kidlet better be digging this class for at least as long as the dance clothes fit her.

As a last note for today, I decided to change the look of this ride. If I'm going to keep doing it, I may as well do it in style, eh? And I gave myself a pro account on flickr too. Oh, Ani, you're just digging your hole a little deeper. Yo ho ho, it's the online life for me.


madre adoptiva said...

I'm loving the new look! How cool are you?? So clever. Sorry you didn't get more done during your time off (and sorry for taking all the good stuff at Savers last week).

bekka said...

wow. just look at that cotton candy! and i really like the new look. love the banner did you make it? or is there really a sign somewhere that read pancake mama?

wow! that's pricey for a child's dance class. but you may have a budding ballerina on your hands. i'm sure it's worth it!

Ani said...

thanks, ladies! it was ridiculously easy to make. i just resized a photo i took at 'pancake circus' to be 640 pixels across (i remembered 640 to be about banner width from wayyy back when i used to make my dog's blog from scratch) and added the 'mama' text. within 15 minutes i had a new look.