Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Postcard Swap--Round 1

Can I start to tell you how fun this all is? All I can say is I hope Andrea does another one of these. I love mail.

In order of receipt...

Love the yucca-like yellow side parts (I'm so descriptive, eh?). This is from Kristen from Sticking to the Point.

This is from longtime bloggy pal, Nina. I'd show you the back too but you know, there's the whole address thing. She's got the cutest writing and she drew the best little squigglys. On the back, she listed some of her summer faves (see the rest in this post):

1. Glasses of wine after the kids go to bed

2. Bathing suit wedgies on my girl

3. The sound of the ice cream truck

4. Triming the hedges

5. The smell of tomato plants on my fingers

Emily from Shining Egg must be on my wavelength...she digs Mary Oliver too and she put in a quote from this poem. The title of this collage guessed it, right? Watermelon!

And this is too dang cool. Cathy is from right here in my town and she sent this amazing card. On the verso: "Summer Checklist: walk on the beach, watch the stars, eat a peach, swim, have a drink at sunset, picnic, lay in a hammock, campfire."

I'll post the next 3 rounds as they come in. {heart, heart}


Cathy said...

I can't tell you the thrill in gave my heart to see my card on someone else's blog! Thanks for sharing in the fun, Ani. I really want to do this again sometime.


Rebecca said...

those are gorgeous! opening your mailbox each day must be a super treat!