Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I love the feeling a new year brings. It comes to me in colors: cold, clear sky blue, seafoam green, lemon pie yellow. Being a list maker and organizer by nature, I revel in brushing off the darkness of the longest night of the year and the clutter that the holidays seem to drag along with them and putting everything in its place.

The resolution? Same as last year. Simplify and sit/stand up straight. I failed miserably at the latter but did pretty well with the first through about July.

The new tradition? I'm going to make pie on New Year's Day from here on out. This year's edition was lemon meringue. I think it went pretty well, particularly since I've never made it before and only half followed a recipe.

We are swimming in meyer lemons over here, fresh from California trees that belong to the family of one of my mom-in-laws. Love! Lemon Cranberry scones. The pie. Soon, pudding cake. And crepes with blueberries and lemon sauce. Sigh. Suits my mood perfectly after all the ubersweet chocolates and candies of the holidays.

Ready to brush myself off and start all over again. How about you?


madre adoptiva said...

Your Lemon Meringue was SO good. Seriously. I keep thinking about it!! Did it taste as good cold??

emily said...

dear ani, wish i was there. xo, emily

Ani said...

dear emily, you can come by any time! <3 ani

that goes for you too, liz! cold was mighty fine too. yes, i had two pieces yesterday. :)

natty said...

love love this photo and the one from the 27th! wow We wooooozards! much love and happy new year my friend. natty

Anonymous said...

mmm, i thought that looked like a lemon meringue pie of my dreams!

yes, dusting oneself off and starting anew.
happy new year!

BePe Baby said...

starting a new post baby diet ...LOL failed last baby ;)