Tuesday, January 08, 2008


This weekend was wonderful. While I did not hibernate in the 'go to sleep for a long time' sense, I was snuggled down in the house, knitting and baking, broken up by walks out in the snow and games with Kidlet. There was no rushing about here and there, running errands of dubious importance. It was all about the small things. The shadows of the drifting snow. Figuring out the best way to shore up the snowman so he wouldn't fall over. The scent of yeasty bread and chili. Meanwhile, the snow piled up outside and I was happy in the hopes that our usual drought conditions might not be quite as desperate this summer.

There are a couple more days of snow in our future, according to the forecast, but then it is back to our typically mild winter conditions. And back to our usually scheduled program of running around. I'm hoping that the lure of my latest knitting project (yet another secret project) will keep me home, hibernating.


emily said...

snow, already! all your snow (and alicia's snow and beth's snow and the snow in maine) it's making me crazy jealous. and l. turns 5 next week. and she's been telling me for months that she's getting snow for her birthday. but it's 70 degrees here today. ack.

Ani said...

awww, i can relate. being a december child, i always felt like it wasn't really my birthday unless there was snow on the ground.

if it makes you feel any better, the fluffy whiteness is now turning into that gray, dirty slop that is icy in all the parking lots and muddy on the hills. :)

BePe Baby said...

Sounds so wonderful to just be able to slpw down and enjoy some moments!! I hate all the rushing and non-sense

Ani said...

me too, bepe. although i do seem to find myself rushing and doing all manners of nonsense!