Monday, January 28, 2008


Sorry I'm so quiet. I've been caught up in my head again which seems to happen before a flurry of activity. Not sure what that activity will be but I hope it will be good.

Dreams I've had lately....

--Hubby got a tattoo of a big old oceanliner and it had 'Terran' written across it
--Nora visited but as she was 'on the other side' her eyes were sealed shut (horribly sad)
--Brioche stitch! Two nights ago, I kept waking up thinking about brioche stitch. I know it's because I covet this sweater but brioche stitch seems impossible to my wee skills.

I'm having daydreams of moving into an old house (impossible in this market).

I'm dreaming of new careers. Got any ideas that don't require me to finish school? Ha ha.

Spring. This spring will be a gorgeous riot of full blooms and bright, juicy green due to all the precipitation we've been receiving. Makes me wish I had done a lot more fall prep so I'd have bushes with a good head start. But I'm still dreaming of planting with Kidlet all the seeds I just ordered and watching their daily progress from the warmth of the kitchen.

Sleep well!


Nessie Noodle said...

this spring will be a pretty one won't it? just reminded me of all the pretty pink and white blooms that will line the streets, and the daffs and the tulips... ahh. sigh.
Our garden box sits in the mud, but I am dreaming of filling it with yummy soil and seeds as well.
until then, I will enjoy the white :)

Tracy said...

I've been dreaming alot lately too. Of spring, and planting, and farmers markets, and bulbs coming up, and so much more. This time of year seems to be the time that I dream about things.

Ani said...

winter is all about dreaming and hibernating. :)