Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Mama Homemaker and Sparkling Snow

She helps with the baking. She washes the floor. She folds laundry. She scrubs the bathtub walls while she takes a bath. However, she resists straightening up all the toys that she drags out during the day.

Some days, she doesn't nap.

This makes big mama kookoo.

My weekend was full of emotional turbulance, baking (pie and failed bread), cooking (curried pumpkin soup, muffaletta mix, corn fritters, pancakes), errands, some sock knitting, and watching the Packers lose (poor Brett Favre).

I awoke this morning to a dusting of snow that sparkled brightly and covered the grey, dirty leftovers from two weeks ago. I need a little snow dusting in my head to cover my stress with something sparkly to distract me from my worries. Don't you worry...I'll snap out of it as soon as I can get my car into the shop to find out what is wrong with it and make it through my first week of class.

Thinking about some new projects, details to be worked out while I daydream during data entry.

Sweet dreams!


Bean said...

The snow is really coming down now! I wonder how long it'll last?

Annabel only takes naps if I'm driving around in the truck at just the right time... which means hardly ever! oh, how I miss the nap days! ;)

madre adoptiva said...

Nap, kidlet, nap! I have the same woes in that department. I love that picture, btw. Two braids is better than one, in my opinion.

Ani said...

i'm going to miss the napping days so desperately when they are gone!

i sometimes just want to grow my hair so i can wear two braids. they'd be about as tiny as kidlet's since my hair is so thin!