Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kidlet whistled for the first time today. It was an accident, but now she understands how it works. She managed to get one other little whispery whistle out before reverting back to saying 'wheet! wheet' while putting her hands up to her mouth and pretending to whistle.

A little overwhelmed with stuff which just makes me want to do absolutely nothing.

Nothing except toast marshmallows. I'm still down for that.


Katie said...

Totally cute! I'm not even a parent and I can imagine how fun it must be when your kid discovers something "new".

Marshmallows anyone?

Anonymous said...

Im in!

Nonna said...

Whistles! Wow!

Beth said...

I am all ready to toast some marshmallows too, and you know anything homemade is calorie free! My 2yr old son woke me up this morning by coming right up next to where I was lying in bed and whispering "Henry snotty nose mum, wipe nose please". What a wonderful way to wake up!