Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear, dear. Ohhhhh...dear.

So. I'm figuring I have until Thursday to knit like a madwoman and then it will be all over. School will start, I will have my two classes and then I will be a crazy historian. Well, yesterday morning in my email box there is an email from one of my professors. I have 70 pages of reading due on Thursday. I stayed up last night and got it done but whoa! Slow down, speedy! We haven't even met for a class yet! Since this professor said the syllabus would also be ready, I decided to log on to the school website. I see my other class in there so I figure I may as well know what I'm going to be up against in total. I find out that the other class is going to be some crazy writer's workshop with peer reviews, meetings with professors and oral presentations. We will be laying the ground work for our senior thesis. Huh? I had some African history waaaaay back (20 years ago, for those keeping track) but I certainly don't know on which subject I want to write my thesis. I haven't had enough history classes yet. As I was busily freaking out, I was trying to ponder what I would work on for this class. Right now, I'm tossing about culinary history in 20th century America. Thesis, schmesis.

More posts upcoming...a knitter's update, book reports and general life and love.


madre adoptiva said...

EEK!! I can understand your concern. All that sounds very intimidating to me. I'm sure this class will just give you the insight you need to make a decision on your thesis... right?

Rebecca said...

yay for culinary history in 20th century America. or maybe photography? or knitting/needle arts? some way to combine all your interests might help keep your attention on the project and make it more interesting in the long run?

get to readin, ma'am!

emily said...

yikes! (remember, you're excited. ok?)

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, school anxiety. I had a moment as I was trying to fall asleep last night where I was making a mental list of everything I needed for today (first day of my last class). Mentally packing my bag, you could say. I still don't feel ready.