Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunny Days, Busy Days

I can't stop taking photos of this sunflower. Please! Someone stop me! I've used almost a whole packet of Polaroid film! This one I particularly like for the strange static sparks that are running down the side. Funny thing is I don't think I planted this sunflower in this spot. I had planted several down the hill about 6 feet away. I'm happy it showed up because it's the only one that popped out.

Took Jake out for a spin this weekend on the dirt. I was scared to hit a rock too hard, despite the fact this is a cyclocross bike and they are meant for beating up. Have I mentioned I love this bike? I do. However, I have a wandering eye. Hubby has been perusing bikes new and old and I have a tendency to look over his shoulder. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about some old bike I'd like to turn into a coffee shop hopper but then I remember I chose this bike for it's all-around utility. No further bikes needed. A scooter however...wait a minute. Ok, I'll come clean. I have a long, long-standing love affair with the Vespa. I'll save that love poem for another day.

I'm on a crazed nesting streak. Maybe it's going to be a long, cold winter? I'm redoing Kidlet's room, getting rid of all the outgrown clothes, toys and books and finding new storage solutions so we can see what actually she has. I'm already looking ahead to doing something similar for our bedroom (aka 'the library', aka 'mess').

I went to the school bookstore and purchased about half the books I need for classes. $100 already! Yikes. I am (dare I say it?) a teensy-weensy bit excited for school. I am awfully scared about the workload, but the learning...I'm excited.

This week will be a crazy one, some work and some play. Kidlet's summer program has finished so I'll be taking a couple days off to squeeze the remaining juice out of summer (what am I talking about? It'll be hot until November.). Wish I could take more time off but with work being as it is, it can't be done. I'll revel in what I can. Tonight: Sicilian Summer Salad with fancy French wine and friend from NYC.


Rebecca said...

buying school books is always so exciting. i miss that. hope your first day back is great and that you have no parking woes whatsoever; will you be able to bike to school? i, too, have a vespa fetish. keep on with the sunflower photos, they're such perfect subjects, especially if/when you have hummingbirds buzzing near them.

emily said...

i'm so excited that you're excited about school!

raining sheep said...

Wow you sound excited. Ah yes, buying school supplies, I remember those days. I even remember those days from when I was little. I always swore that I was going to be the neatest writer when I opened that first clean notebook...that thought usually lasted about a week! I love the sunflower shot. I really want to get an old polaroid as well...I have seen a few of your images and I am coveting a polaroid now.