Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fairly Brief List

1. Got a few inches done on the sweater.
2. Purchased new socks. Lots of new socks. Many stripes and one argyle.
3. Cleaned the garage (sorta). Junk still exists, but at least one can maneuver.
4. Washed the fabric for Kidlet's doll and am on the hunt for patterns.
5. Ideas about what to do for summer vacation were tossed about.
6. Kidlet has yet another sniffle-cough.
7. Our dog, Kiko, is starting to show signs of getting old (she's 13? 14?).
8. Getting ready to make a hair appointment.
9. School starts in a week. Am I ready? Physically, yes. Mentally, no.
10. Any one know any good books about dealing with 4-year-olds with excessive attitude?
11. I'm ready for lunch.
12. Five hours of sleep = not enough.


Nessie Noodle said...

did you find a new hair stylist? I need a new perspective on my hair
I have the wee-wonderful pattern for Olive, totally easy to follow and the result is super cute.

Dominique said...

#2. Can we have photos? Love stripes socks. (She does too: )

#5 How about a trip to Montréal? :-) I'd love to show you around. Really.

Madre Adoptiva said...

10. If you find a good book like that, you better share! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good notes. I love argyle. Summer vacation? I wish it were summer. And I could go on a vacation. :)