Friday, August 14, 2009

The Old "5 Things Friday"

Bringing back an old chestnut because making lists makes Ani happy.

Reading...Our Man in Havana, Graham Greene. Greene is one of my favorite authors. I'm having a stall in my summer reading list so I picked this one up off the shelf as it was one that I purchased ages ago but had not yet read. After a slow start, it has turned into a very humorous read.

Wondering...about the second spring of the backyard tree. When we came back from vacation in the middle of a three-week heat wave, our tree dropped all its leaves and it looked like it was game over for the season. I looked outside one morning and said "what is that little pinky-red thing going on with the tree?" Turns out it was blossoms. The tree is getting a new set of leaves and is blooming. If we have a long summer-y autumn (as usual), maybe we'll get some fruit which never happens with the true spring because a frost always comes along and kills all the blossoms.

Watching...The House of Elliot via Netflix. Every morning that I have a little time, I plop on the couch and knit a couple rows of Ishbel and watch. 20s fashion, light intrigue and romance...I'm sold. BTW, Ysolda is putting together another collection! I'm in... this weekend? Tomorrow might be cool enough to turn on the oven (low 80s).

Listening...I spaced out on the highway drive this morning and came back to reality two freeway exits later with this going through my head.

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Cris Siqueira said...

the pizza sounds good!!

have a great weekend!!