Friday, August 28, 2009

A post in which I discuss a whole lot of nothing. Oh! In other words, the usual.

Now that school has started, all I want to do is craft. I started sewing up a tooth fairy pillow since Kidlet surprised us all with a loose tooth last week. A really loose tooth. I decided I'd better get sewing right away.

Kidlet picked out the fabric (a cute ginghamy fabric with fruits that I thrifted a couple of years ago) and she helped design it. So far I have the treat pocket 80% sewn. I still need to embroider and attach the tooth pocket and then sew the little pillow together. I am surprised at how cute it looks, despite my lack of sewing skills. My sewing machine still languishes at my Mama's place so it's all by hand. For her tooth treat, I'm giving her a coin and a little tiny ceramic animal I picked up at the antique store for a couple of bucks. Kidlet is a collector (wonder where she got that from?) and these tiny animals are her newest collection.

I whipped out the above mouse last week. The pattern is from Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits I. I knit it out of a worsted weight yarn so he's more giga-mouse than sweet mousette, but I think he came out remarkably well.

Still working on the endless legwarmers but I'm almost done with number 3. Then it's just one more to go! Woo!

I'm also knitting Ishbel from the aforementioned Whimiscal Little Knits I. I'm about to hit the lace section and I'm a little nervous since I've heard there's a discrepancy in the written instructions and I'm not a chart person. I guess I'll have to try and ferret out the problem or just teach myself how to read a chart (which is what I really should do anyway).

I'm already daydreaming of what project is next. I've got 3 sweaters in my head (Lisel, Audrey in Unst and Novak) and I'm already deciding what yarn to use for Damson. But first, I need to decide if I'm knitting anything for anyone for Christmas. Not so sure about that since I think I'm the one that enjoys the finished results of my knitting more than anyone else.

And then there's that sewing thing. I'm kind of digging it. Two free patterns came out this past week, from Claire of Loobylu and Alicia of Posie, and I'm thinking of taking a stab at them (stab at the projects, not at me with an embroidery needle...heh).


The dreams have not stopped. Last night (when I actually was able to sleep), I dreamed of a deluge that ruined a couple of walls of the house. Ummm, that dream was way too easy for me to decipher. Kinda spooky, really.


School is killing my post-concussive head. I've had headaches for a few days now. The class looks fairly straightforward and not particularly challenging, which is good for the aforementioned head. However, since it's a women's studies/sociology course, the readings are not quite the sort of thing with which I am familiar. It takes me far longer to wade through them than it does a history text. Sigh.


I am reading the most charming book I have ever read. Should you need a heavy does of charm, Autonauts of the Cosmoroute is for you. Pablo Neruda says of the author, "Anyone who doesn’t read Cort├ízar is doomed. Not to read him is a serious invisible disease, which in time can have terrible consequences. Something similar to a man who has never tasted peaches. He would quietly become sadder . . . and, probably, little by little, he would lose his hair."


Ok, that really wraps it up. I just put on The Jam, which was my Friday morning listening for a year when I was 14. This song in particular. Enjoy your weekend, all.


Bean said...

I think you'll love embroidery :)

Madre Adoptiva said...

ohhh those all look like really fun projects. I want to learn embroidery really bad - especially since I found a whole bag of embroidery supplies that belonged to my mother-in-law in the garage. I just randomly checked W's teeth yesterday and they are still solid. :) It's so exciting to hear Kidlet's going to be toofless soon! :D

Madre Adoptiva said...

Oh, by the way, did you see all the hand sewing goodness at Sew, Mama, Sew this month?