Monday, August 03, 2009

To Our Neighbors in Oxbow Loop,

Hello, campers!

Nice evening for camping, eh? Many people seem to think so as this campground is pretty full. Since there are so many of us here enjoying the outdoors, a few rules may be in order. Oh! As a matter of fact, there is a board listing the rules of this area 15 feet away from your site! How perfect! Did you see this one? "Quiet between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m." thought it meant "quiet after 6 a.m., in case of hangovers" (which you will most obviously have). Also, you may want to know that fireworks are prohibited on Tahoe National Forest land.

Next time, you may want to consider your neighbors when you go camping but don't worry about us, we won't be here.

--The Previous Occupants of Whistle Punk Loop

We tried to camp on Saturday night but ended up leaving at 1 a.m. due to some crazy party people. Sigh. At least we had fun, roasted marshmallows and saw a couple of deer before the exodus. Next time, we'll know to try a more remote destination.


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

bummer. We just found a sweet spot up in the Plumas-Eureka State Park. Plus there are some AMAZING swimming holes really near by.
I think it is on my list for sure.

at least your got your smores huh?

Bean said...

when we were camping at San Simeon, there was a gay bachelor party (for reals) in the next campsite. They were really dumb. one of the guys got super wasted, and ended up going into my sisters tent instead of his own, and he fell and broke all of her cigarettes, heh :)

at a music festival many years ago, another drunk guy fell on my friend Julie's tent, while she was sleeping inside! She had bruises the next day.

My point is, at least a drunk guy didn't fall on your tent :D

Cris Siqueira said...

great shot!!!

Katie said...

Icky. It seems to me that the more "remote" we tend to go, the more we hear guns in the distance. One cannot win.

Madre Adoptiva said...

Ugh! How annoying! Sorry your camping trip got ruined by such rudeness.