Monday, August 17, 2009


Really, what a nice day. I awoke after a very tossy-turny night, full of weird dreams but that was swept away by coffee and beignets at the market downtown. Then a trip to the museum where I snuck in a portrait of myself with Gerhard Richter. Here's a little description from the museum's docent blog..."In the early 1990s, Richter created a series of mirror paintings using blood-red, color-coated glass that reflects whatever comes before it—whether it be the paintings hanging opposite it in the gallery or museum visitors walking in front of it. In undertaking this series of mirrors, Richter joined a centuries-old conversation in the field of Western art about whether artworks actually depict an authentic reality. Richter once noted that a mirror painting, “is the only picture that always looks different. And perhaps there's an allusion somewhere to the fact that every picture is a mirror.”". Pretty cool, eh?

We went home, I read and knit a smidge. Then I got rolling on the sno-cone syrup (made from the lovely berries above). Sadly, I think we need a new ice grinder. It was more of a slightly-smashed-ice cone but that syrup! Tasty.

Kidlet made me one of her zen bouquets...the morning glory opened this morning.

In a moment of "when's Daddy going to be home?", I had the idea to pull out a 'how to make really big bubbles' article. It worked pretty well, as Daddy rolled up on his bike fairly quickly after (flat tire delayed him).

After a dinner of portabella mushroom burgers with pesto mayo, roasted potatoes and cauliflower, we went for a desert walk. We used to do this nightly two years ago. I think we need to add it back into the mix, at least once a week.

That's a family portrait, by the way. Hubs is upper right, Kidlet is lower left.

This weekend, I started to feel a little more like myself. I enjoyed cooking again (the best pizzas I ever made, maple and blueberry parfaits). I was able to claim pockets of time for things I wanted to do and I wanted to do something other than sleep. I wasn't as irritable as I have been the past couple of months (just my usual cantankerous self, heh). This morning I awake with a slight headache and the same old ear-ringing but maybe the cycle has been broken. I'm on the mend and happier times are ahead? I'll say yes.


Anonymous said...

Richter is one of my favorite artists. He's had a big influence on my art.

This sounds like a nice series of events. :)

Dominique said...

LOVE your family portrait, hilarious!!!