Monday, September 21, 2009

The Ups and Downs aka the Randomness that is My Life

I cut the last set of flowers from the garden; the rest are starting to look past their prime. The patch of yellow on the mountaintop grows daily (and has been for two weeks) and the fall colors are starting to make their presence known in the valley. I'm feeling the need to prepare for hibernation. :)

It was quite a weekend. Our old timer, Kiko, presented us with a mysterious mouth/jaw/nasal cavity/ear canal/eye mystery and after spending buckets of money at the vet, we are no closer to solving the case. She's on some antibiotics and it seems like she is getting better but she still won't yawn (although she's doing some tentative mouth opening, as if to test. Oh, if only you could talk, Kiko!).

Kidlet has been in a mood and a half. She's cranky one minute, manic the next and she's eating lighter than a bird. My mom said "perhaps, it's a growing spurt?" Something is going on and I hope it goes on its merry way soon (ha ha).

Last night, I dreamed of people who were floating up near the ceiling while they were in a meditative trance. I dreamed of a psychopath at a dentist. I dreamed of being sneaky. I'm tired. Is it the weekend yet?


Jeannette said...

Poor Kiko. We just spend a fortune on our cat and she still has the same problem. Yes..if only they could tell talk.
And dreaming about floating people, a psychopath and being sneaky in one dream. Hmmmm food for thought. Sounds like a good horror movie though. ;)
So sweet dream for tonight!
♥ Jeannette

Bean said...

your dog is rad, I hope she feels better soon ((mush))

Annabel is a maniac, too -- and I have her all day. I breath a big giant sigh come 9pm.

Katie said...

Everyone seems to be in a funk lately! Mine FINALLY broke today.


jane said...

the weekend is almost here... hugs! p.s. you were a professional cook? so was i- we´ll have to share war stories some day.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about the return of your patch of yellow on the mountainside.

I had some crazy dreams last night too, involving running away from the majority of the world that had turned into evil cyborgs or aliens or something and were against a small faction of normal people. SO many of my nightmares involve killing lately, wtf?