Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The color names have changed to a certain degree and new colors have been introduced (Jazzberry Jam, anyone?), but I heart Crayolas. I also thought they tasted nice (but only when I was small).

Favorites of childhood:

1. Mahogany. Yes, Mahogany. I don't know if it was the unusual name or the image of deep reddy-brown, shiny wood it conjured up for me, but it was my favorite.

2. Yellow-Orange. I love(d) that bright sunny color. It's not as anemic as plain Yellow, but bold and full of good cheer.

3. Purple. Purple was my most favorite color, but not my most favorite crayon (see nos. 1 and 2).

Favorites now:

1. Midnight Blue. This may be more because my Mama always told me that it was her favorite when I was little. I could never figure it out because I knew her favorite color was red. Maybe it was the romantic name...

2. Plum. I still got a thing for purple.

3. Thistle. Love the name, the flower, and the pretty color.

And other oddities:

1. Cadet Blue. I always liked the name, but really disliked the color.

2. Sky Blue. I felt like it was "sky with smog blue," it's not a clear, bright blue at all.

3. Brick Red and Maroon. They always made me feel bilious. Ok, not that extreme but I hated using them. Still not wild for them in Crayola form, but in real life, they are just fine. Maybe if they had called them "Claret" and "Cabernet"...


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I just want the job of actually naming the colors....

Bean said...

I liked 'royal purple' and 'brick red' the best <3