Friday, October 27, 2006

Five Words

1--BUSY. I think this word could count for about 3 words this week. Ok, maybe that would be cheating a little, but, dang! I've been busy! This week ended up being a non-self-imposed bloggy break. Work has been making me uberstressed. At my job, the big wigs were in town and my usual support system has been out of the office all week (but, mercifully, in email contact). The kidlet has already been on an end-of-daylight-savings schedule the past few weeks. She won't go to sleep until 10-10:30 most nights. Which leaves me about a half hour to get us ready for the next day AND do my homework, before crawling exhausted into bed. At least the work thing will mellow out for about a month and then it will madness again. By then, I should be done with the class and kidlet will be sleeping the moment I lay her down at night. Right? Right? Anyone?

2--CREATIVE. I've been feeling the bug lately but sadly there hasn't been any time to actually do anything about it. Ever since I saw this from Nessie Noodle on Flickr, I've been thinking about printing up my own little version of fortunes to leave out and about. I've got the idea to draw up various animals in fancy clothes (suits, hats, fluffy collars, etc.) and print up fun fortunes, things to do, lucky colors and numbers on the reverse. I think I would actually print these up so I could leave them en masse. My hand drawn cards are still fun to do but I have a hard time leaving them--maybe because I only get a few done a week? Do I get attached to the images? Who knows. I've been wanting to knit but have resigned myself to making knitting the carrot on the end of the "finish your class" pole. I just don't have enough time to make it work right now. I really want to start doing more photos too. Pick up a duaflex for images like this and an old Polaroid...I can dream, eh?

3--MUSIC. I go through phases where all I listen to is NPR and assorted public radio stations via itunes radio. Then I burn out. I brush the dust off the ipod, charge it up and voila! Wow! I forgot I have music I like! It's fun to run the shuffle function. I had Captain Beefheart followed by Prince's "Lady Cabdriver" followed by Wilco. What radio station can do that for me? Stuff I haven't listened to in years pops up and I become nostalgic. The Police. Squeeze. The The. But the song I really wanted to write about today comes from the kidlet. We recently purchased "Muppet Show: Music Mayhem & More - 25th Anniversary Collection" because it's the only one we could find with music from The Muppet Movie. Every morning on our way to work (and daycare), kidlet requests "DOCTOR TEETH! DOCTOR TEETH!" which means she wants to hear "Can You Picture That?" She yells "Ohhh yeah! Whooo!" right along with Dr. Teeth. We both sing at the top of our lungs, totally out of tune but joyous. But the lyrics to this song are awesome. Here are a few selections...

Everybody's lover, everybody's brother, I wanna be your lifetime friend. Crazy as a rocket, nothin in my pocket, I keep it at the rainbow's end.I never think of money, I think of milk 'n honey, grinnin like a cheshire cat. I focus on the pleasure, somethin' I can treasure, can you picture that? Can you picture that?


Lost my heart in Texas, Northern lights affect us, I keep it underneath my hat, Aurora Borealis, shinin down on Dallas! Can you picture that? Can you picture that?

Kid's music? Ha! I think this has a little something for everyone.

4--Positivity. I finished, after savoring for a couple months, Thich Nhat Hanh's "The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy & Liberation". There were so many ideas that need to soak in. I'm going to have to read it a dozen more times to even start to touch on these teachings. Anyway, the primary thing that I'm holding from this right now is how we all have seeds planted within us, both positive and negative. We need to water and care for the positive seeds and not to cultivate hate and negative emotions. I've got my watering can and hoe out.

5--Weekend. Oh my. Thank goodness you've arrived and I'm still in one piece. This weekend holds pumpkin carving and pancake Sunday. Mmm...probably some wine. I'd like to bake some bread too. Hopefully there will be a whole lot of homework and photo taking. Here's a photo from last night's bed jumping...well, maybe not. Blogger doesn't seem to be playing nice today. Maybe later.


Knitting Momma said...

I felt the same way after finishing TNH's Anger. How wonderful the book resonated so strongly with you - keep it on your nightstand for just a minute or two of reading a night, and you'll soon have it internalized!

Nessie Noodle said...

do you get the three day today? I love NV day- I can sing you the song and everything :) what, I am a native kid what do you expect?

love the idea of you doing more fortunes- maybe scan in your hand drawn so you can print them out and keep them around a bit longer- or treat them like the Tibetians treat thier art... nothing is perm.
enjoy the weekend it is awesomeo out~
oh, and thanks for the link!