Monday, October 09, 2006

I ain't all doom and gloom...

csa pumpkins
Originally uploaded by Pancakemama.
We hit the pumpkin patch this weekend (although this photo is of CSA pumpkins from last week's veggie box run). Kidlet took her first spin on a pony and she cried and cried when it was over. "Where's my pony?" is a now a common question. It was fun and now the house looks very fall-like with our display of pumpkins and bizarre squashes (and cobwebs, those, however, were unintentional).

Tonight! BBQ Shrimp Po'Boys! Last week's episode of The Office! Snugglin'! Maybe even starting a new knitting project! Yippee!

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Nessie Noodle said...

your a knitter too?
I have a link for a NV Knitters blog ring if you are interested check my side bar...

where's MY pony???